At the Liphook Equine Hospital we are committed to providing the optimal care and veterinary treatment to your animal.


Each of the inpatients will be under the direct care of one of our specialists who will also liaise with one of our housevets who will assist in the day to day care of your horse, pony or donkey. Furthermore each horse will be allocated a nurse who will be responsible for the day to day management and nursing care of your animal. On arrival the nurse will ensure that she knows about your horse’s daily routine, feeding requirements, any special requirements and therefore ensure that appropriate care is given.

Lorries and Trailer

You are welcome to leave your trailer or lorry in the hospital car park whilst your horse is an in-patient but can we please ask that you:-

  • Tell reception the registration number of your trailer or lorry
  • Park it  neatly at the top of the lorry park, next to the loading ramp
  • Accept that it is left entirely at your own risk and that The Liphook Equine Hospital can accept no responsibility for any loss or damage.
Daily updates

You are welcome to telephone each day to enquire about your horse’s condition and progress. It is usually more convenient if you telephone after mid-morning (01428 727200) by which time any daily checks and dressings will have been carried out and horse reassessed at the morning ward round.

The hospital office (telephone number 01428 723594) is open between 8am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday and between 8am and 12.30pm on Saturdays.

The veterinary surgeon in charge of your horse will be happy to discuss its progress with you but please understand that they may not be able to leave another horse immediately when you telephone or visit.  However, we will return your telephone calls.  Our housevets, yard manager or nurses are usually available to answer any questions that you may have.


You are welcome to visit your horse during its stay at the hospital, between 10am and 5.30pm. We ask that you do not visit outside these times as it may interfere with ward rounds, feeding, rest periods, medication or treatment of other horses. In certain circumstances, we will permit visiting outside these times but only by prior arrangement. Please do not feed or walk out your horse without the prior approval of a vet or its attending nurse. For safety reasons do not enter any stable which has a radioactive warning sign on the door. Please respect the confidentiality and privacy of the other owners and their horses.

Children and dogs present a very real threat to the safety of both themselves and our in-patients.  For this reason dogs are not allowed out of your vehicles under any circumstances and we ask that all children be kept under strict control.  Although your children may be used to handling horses at home, experience suggests that in a busy, strange environment both children and horses behave differently and, although we fully understand the reasons why children visit their horses, experience shows that uncontrolled young visitors are at particular risk.

Referral letter to your veterinary surgeon

When your horse has been discharged from The Liphook Equine Hospital you will be given a written set of discharge instructions. These written instructions will also be copied to your veterinary surgeon. A full report will be sent to your veterinary surgeon outlining the details of any investigations and treatment that your animal has undergone and when requested a copy of the report will also be submitted to your insurance company.

What our clients say


Our horse was diagnosed with grass sickness and rushed into Liphook Equine Hospital. The vets and other staff were terrific – they took real trouble to look after him, not just medically, but also making a fuss of him and keeping us informed about his progress. He made a complete recovery and is doing his first 1* event next month!

— Mr A.Sykes