Haematological assessment can be help to support a diagnosis of anaemia, haemoconcentration, and bacterial or viral infections.  Biochemical tests can help to diagnose a wide range of medical diseases such as bacterial or viral infection, myopathy, hepatopathy, nephropathy, enteropathy and metabolic abnormalities.

The Inflammatory response in the Horse

Investigation of Liver Disease in the Horse

Investigation of Weight Loss in the Horse

Investigation of PUPD

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For many years our practice have used the LEH lab for our clinical pathology work. Andy and the rest of his team offer an amazingly efficient, thorough and friendly service. The advice and support they provide is on an individual case by case basis and has proved invaluable many times. This close working relationship makes them feel like the ‘extremely knowledgable’ colleague within the practice!

— Alistair Field MRCVS, Clent Hills Veterinary Group, Worcs.