Cytology is a straight-forward and valuable diagnostic technique for the investigation of cellular pathology in smears, washes, thoracocentesis, abdominocentesis and fine needle aspirations.

In general, fluid samples should be submitted in an EDTA tube for a nucleated cell count, and a plain serum tube for microbiological culture and evaluation of total protein concentration.

The optimal way to preserve the cellular architecture of respiratory fluid samples such as tracheal wash and bronchioalveolar lavage is to fix with cytospin fixation fluid.

Have you tried our new TW/BAL sample kits?  The Laboratory supply free respiratory sample kits containing everything you need for submitting lower airway samples whether at your practice or out at the yard.  The kit contains:

– sample pots of cytospin solution so just add the TW/BAL fluid once collected from the patient.

– post-box friendly boxes

– pre-paid special delivery postage label included for ease of use.

Please do contact the Laboratory to obtain these free TW/BAL kits.


Click here for a quick summary of how to Investigate Lower Airway Disease (e.g. RAO/IAD)

Here are some quick “How to” guides for collecting samples for cytological assessment:

Abdominocentesis (Peritoneal Tap)

Cerebrospinal Fluid

Thoracocentesis (Pleural Fluid Collection)

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For many years our practice have used the LEH lab for our clinical pathology work. Andy and the rest of his team offer an amazingly efficient, thorough and friendly service. The advice and support they provide is on an individual case by case basis and has proved invaluable many times. This close working relationship makes them feel like the ‘extremely knowledgable’ colleague within the practice!

— Alistair Field MRCVS, Clent Hills Veterinary Group, Worcs.