Our farriers, Richard Lovejoy DipWCF and Matthew Staples DipWCF have a designated farrier’s box at The Liphook Equine Hospital and work closely with our veterinary surgeons to provide remedial and corrective shoeing for inpatients and outpatients.

Excellent remedial farriery is an essential part of the management of a lame horse and we consider that close collaboration between our farriers and vets is essential to optimise the horse’s care.

Both Matthew Staples and Richard Lovejoy have a specialist interest in remedial farriery and are certified members of the Equine Lameness Prevention Organisation (ELPO) (www.e-hoofcare.com). They are also both ELPO Certified Lameness Specialists, in the UK.

Both of our farriers are always happy to discuss a horse’s shoeing requirements with the horse’s usual farrier at home and are delighted to welcome farriers wishing to come to the hospital with one of the animals in their care.