The practice and hospital offers a full range of mobile and hospital-based radiography services. All our equipment uses digital technology so the x-ray beam is converted to an electronic image rather than conventional photographic film. The digital images can be manipulated thus enhancing the quality of the images and the systems allow instant results. As digital plates are more sensitive this also lowers any exposure to x-rays.

The new diagnostic building at the hospital has 2 new x-ray suites with powerful overhead, gantry-mounted units used to obtain high resolution radiographic images of most parts of the horse’s body. The system, combined with digital technology, generates excellent quality images of the upper limbs, neck and back which are difficult to obtain with standard equipment. Radiography is also used frequently during surgical procedures, such as fracture repair, and a digital x-ray system in theatre permits instant imaging to help optimise these procedures.

The hospital stores all digital images, using a state-of-the-art computerised database so all images are available almost instantaneously and on-line.