The hospital has stabling for up to 50 inpatients. There is a mixture of types of accommodation with some stabling in a large, well-ventilated American barn  and some in  loose boxes. There is also stabling for up to 10 horses and 2 foals in our intensive care facility for critically ill patients and additional isolation stables for horses with infectious, or suspected infectious diseases.  Our Reproduction Unit provides large boxes for mares with foals at foot which are quiet and separated from the rest of the hospital therefore reducing the risk of infection to young foals. Most stables have rubber matting and are bedded with shavings or paper, however other types of bedding are available if  needed. In addition there are turnout facilites in post and rail  paddocks or in a high-fenced playpen which means that inpatients may be turned out if beneficial for their care. Inpatients are looked after by our large team of yard nurses who work in shifts to ensure that we can provide genuine 24 nursing care for our inpatients.

What our clients say


I have been using LEH as a referral hospital for 15 years. Over this time, they’ve treated our horses for everything from wounds to allergies and performed lameness investigations through to major surgeries. On every occasion their diagnosis, treatment and service has been second to none. What really makes LEH stand out from the crowd is that on top of first rate medical care, their communication at all stages is excellent.

— Theresa Barrett, Stable Manage, Horse Rangers Association, Hampton Court