The Annual Health Check Scheme runs between 1st November and 28th February each year. During this time you can book you horse in for an annual health check and one of our ambulatory vets will come out to the yard to perform the check and you will be provided with a full written report of the examination, laboratory findings and any recommendations.

The Annual Health Check includes,

  • Examination of your horse’s heart and lungs at rest
  • Examination and rasping of the teeth if required
  • Examination of your horse’s eyes
  • Review of your horse’s general bodily condition and opportunity to discuss your horse’s management and feeding
  • Opportunity to discuss any health concerns about your horse with the vet
  • Faecal sample analysis for faecal worm egg count to monitor for intestinal parasites and the efficacy of your pasture management and de-worming programme
  • Blood sample taken for haematology, inflammatory profile and to check for liver and intestinal abnormalities

In addition, annual influenza and tetanus vaccinations can be performed at a 20% discount.

Our ambulatory vets are obviously happy to come out and perform a standard health check on your animals at any time during the rest of the year but will not be able to offer it at such a competitive price.

The cost of an Annual Health Check represents a significant saving over the normal costs. For more information, or if you would like to book in an Annual Health Check, please call the practice on 01428 723594.



What our clients say


We have used the services of Liphook Equine Hospital for many years now. The vets and staff at the hospital are excellent and a pleasure to deal with. Advice and help is always given in a friendly way.

— Mark Buxton, Horseman, Weald & Downland Open Air Museum