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An update on the TRH stimulation test- now available all year round!

Did you know that Liphook Equine Hospital Laboratory now have reference intervals for the TRH stimulation test so it can be used throughout the year?

Historically, data from Liphook Equine Hospital showed that there was a seasonal influence on TRH stimulation results and that seasonal cut-offs were needed to use the test in the Autumn.  Whilst that information was not available, vets were unable to use the TRH stimulation test from July to November.

Recently, Amanda Adams of the University of Kentucky performed TRH stimulation tests on normal horses every month of the year and calculated seasonal reference intervals so that the test can now be interpreted with accuracy throughout the year.  Therefore, if you have equivocal ACTH results and clinical suspicions of equine Cushing’s disease (PPID), then the TRH stimulation test can be used regardless of the time of year.

If you would like the Laboratory to supply your veterinary practice with TRH and the instructions for the test, then please contact the laboratory by phone 01428 729509 or email:




News from the International Equine Endocrinology Summit

In the Spring, Professor Andy Durham attended the International Equine Endocrinology Summit in Florida, USA.  Attached below is a summary of the most practical and clinically relevant information for vets in practice that was presented at the meeting:

Newsletter from the International Equine Endocrinology Summit

As always, please do feel free to contact one of our medicine specialists, Andy, Victoria or Jamie if this information provokes any questions with regards to testing and managing EMS and PPID in your practice.