New regulations on prescription only medications

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has introduced new regulations on the 1st September 2023 which affect how Veterinary Surgeons can prescribe ‘prescription only medications (POM-V)’ such as antibiotics and controlled medications.

The key changes that will affect horse owners are:

Any type of antibiotics, controlled drug (ventipulmin, codeine, gabapentin etc) or POM-V can only be prescribed after your horse has had a physical examination by a vet. This applies to all antibiotics, including oral, injectable, and topical (creams and ointments).  Antibiotics cannot be given based on photographs only, an in person physical examination is legally required.

These changes have been implemented by the RCVS to ensure the safeguarding of both animal and human health against the risks posed by excessive antibiotic usage and the development of resistance.  They will also aid in guaranteeing that antibiotics and some other medicines are prescribed only when essential and when an alternate treatment is unsuitable.

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