Liphook Equine Hospital Laboratory uses evidence-based veterinary medicine alongside clinical experience to inform our provision of diagnostic tests, and in our interpretation of results from samples from cases.  Our “No Nonsense Guide to Equine Clinical Pathology” is a handbook compiled to assist in the interpretation of reports and is intended to be a quick reference to keep in your car or practice.  It is designed to answer the questions that we are most frequently asked and to tackle areas of common confusion.  It also includes practical tips for submission and interpretation of laboratory samples.

A new version of the hard copy of this Guide (affectionately known as our “Lab Book”) was printed in September 2016.  Please do contact us to receive your new copy (and to obtain further copies for your practice colleagues if you wish) by contacting the lab:

The most popular chapters are available to download here:

  1. Investigating the cause of laminitis
  2. Investigating weight loss
  3. Investigating reproductive issues – granulosa cell tumours, rigs etc.
  4. Investigating allergic skin disease
  5. Investigating lower airway disease


What our clients say


I’m not sure I would survive first opinion equine practice without you guys on the end of the telephone! — Anonymous MRCVS, South of England