Update – Current Position at Liphook Equine Hospital

We are pleased to report that, further to the decision to take the precautionary step to cease movement of horses in and out of the Hospital, we currently still have no horses in the Hospital showing signs of EHV-1 infection. Our initial concerns began at the beginning of last week with a horse that was admitted as an emergency to the Hospital which was subsequently shown to be shedding a very low quantity of EHV-1. That horse is now back at home and doing well. To be clear, we have had no fatalities or serious illness from EHV-1 at any time here at the Hospital. We have detected trace amounts of EHV-1 in a nasal swab from one other hospitalised horse late last week. This horse is in our isolation facility and remains fit, well and shows no signs of illness. It is uncertain whether this horse’s swab result was a consequence of transmission from the original horse admitted to the Hospital or a pre-existing latent infection. All other inpatients were swabbed at the same time and all returned negative results. We continue to monitor all the horses in the Hospital extremely closely but currently have no horses with clinical signs of EHV-1 infection in the Hospital.