Our underlying ethos is that we strive to give all horses entrusted to our care the very best of care and to treat them, and you, as we would wish our own horses and ourselves to be treated.

However, we also recognise that unfortunately sometimes what we do may not, for a multitude of reasons, match your expectations and we believe it is important that you should know what steps you can take to raise any concerns and seek a satisfactory explanation. If we are wrong we have no hesitation in apologising.

In the first instance, please talk immediately to the staff member concerned, whether they be the attending vet, nurse or a member of our support staff. They are empowered to try to help you resolve any problem there and then so that we can all then focus, once more, on giving your horse the best care.

If you do not consider that they have resolved your complaint, please telephone and talk to the veterinary surgeon is charge of your horse and they will do what they can to agree a suitable resolution.

Should their response, however, not satisfy you then we would ask that you write to the relevant Partner (see below) outlining your complaint in detail and the reasons for your dissatisfaction. We will undertake to acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 48 hours and then to respond more fully within ten working days once the complaint has been fully investigated. Please be aware that hospital treatment is a team effort and so it may well take a few days to talk to each and everyone who may have been involved with your animal’s care; holidays or night duty rotas may mean that all involved staff not immediately available.

The  Partner to which to address complaints about the ambulatory first opinion practice is Stewart Duncan. Tim Phillips is in charge of the hospital surgical team is and Andy Durham is the partner responsible for the hospital internal medicine and laboratory teams.

Should you still feel that we have not resolved your complain, you may, in the last instance, write to Jeremy Mantell, the Managing Partner, who will acknowledge your complaint and then aim to ensure that he is briefed on all of the background details, interview those concerned, reconsider the issues  and reply within fifteen days.

We understand and accept that, sadly, we do not satisfy everybody all of the time but we do aim to try to do so, or to resolve any reasonable complaint promptly.

What our clients say


I have been using Liphook Equine Hospital for more than 10 years. Whether I have needed their services for routine work, stud work, diagnosis or treatment of illness, I have always been able to rely on the utmost support from every member of the team, from vets and nurses to administrative staff. They have regularly gone the extra mile to help my horses whatever the situation. I thoroughly recommend the Hospital to anyone.

— Clare Holland, Varkies Stud, Hampshire